About Us

Our Mission is to make LPG use a safer, easier experience for everyone

We are passionate about LPG having now worked in the industry for over fifteen years. When we started there was no UK infrastructure in place to offer the facility to refill. Over the years this has changed and there are now many independent refilling stations as well as the large petrol station chains.

As an LPG filling station we are regularly asked to refill rented LPG bottles but always refuse because not only it is illegal, but it is also unsafe. This did get us thinking though – clearly there was a demand out there for safe and easy to refill LPG gas cylinders. So we researched the market, found a suitable bottle, designed a unique valve and created Safefill – to meet consumer demand and the exacting safety requirements of the industry.

  • Safe Gas Cylinders
  • Easy and safe refilable gas cylinders

To purchase a Safefill cylinder please contact a member of our Dealer Network. Please refer to our list of Authorised Distributors.